One step – BACK?! Bound To College 0.6.8 BETA Release

I have just released a new BETA-Version of “Bound To College.” For this update, I decided not to progress the story itself but take a step back – and add more content before you head to the beach or even meet the headmaster with Ron or Julian.

Instead, we go back to the wrestling match, to the moment of rescue, to be more precise.

Some of the players stated that being rescued by Nathan feels off. You should be rescued by your love interest instead. So, for this update, you will be rescued by Ned if you are in a relationship with him.

Don’t worry, Ron is next!

As for now, you will be rescued by Ned if you are not in the “Friend Zone,” Give back his book early on and have a positive relationship level with him. Otherwise, you are still being rescued by Nathan. I also plan to add Ron as an alternative rescuer in the next update.

Another addition to the game is the option to select your outfit. Before you head to the beach, you have a short chapter with Ron and Julian, where you can decide which outfit you want to wear.

This chapter is available for all Patreon and Discord members and newsletter subscribers. It will be free for everyone after the “SPA Day” chapter is completed.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope you like the update.


Get your version here:

If you have already downloaded the beta version before, you should find it in your library (even if you are not Patreon anymore).  

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