New Update for Bound to College 0.6.3

I am happy to announce version 0.6.3 of Bound To College!

To access the new content you need to play through the wrestling match; once you are back in the dorm, the next part will start automatically.

Don’t miss on the changes made to the headmaster. At your second meeting at the headmaster’s home, at the early game, you can choose a different approach and embrace the principal’s direction.

On top of the beta version I published a while ago for Patreons and supporters, I added another option for you and Ron: You can now take the bus or walk through the park once you have left the headmaster’s home. The images for the bus travel got some polish as well.

Whenever an update for Bound to College is available, you should see an “Update” button in the main menu, allowing you to update the game on the fly. If you encounter any issues here, you might as well download and update the files manually as usual.

Since I had to make significant changes to the progression system, your save games may not work as intended or load at all.

If you encounter this bug, or a similar one, please submit a bug report at the Discord server.

I want to thank everybody who helped me with this update and the project, especially Nicholas, for sacrificing time and effort to write a significant part of the current storyline.

I wish you all a wonderful day, and thank you for your support!



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