Bound to College Beta Access 0.6.7

I am thrilled to announce the first part of the new chapter is now available! Meet Tom, the news reporter, who happens to be at the same beach as the whole wrestling team! 

He will not hesitate to take advantage of the situation to unfold the current scandal at PrideCollege. Little does he know what he is about to discover. 

His cameraman did not show up, so he needs you to step in and film his interviews – or even join them. The first stop is Julio, the exchange student, who tries to relax and needs a foot massage. 

The other team members will become available step-by-step with each update. I decided to take more time and effort in each one and use these interviews to get to know some characters better (like Julio in this case), develop the story even further, and use the opportunity to reveal some more backstories. 

The following public release will be when the chapter is finished. So there will be several Beta-Releases next. 

This chapter is already available in the supported languages, and French has also been added to the game. I know that the translations are not perfect yet. If you notice any irregularities, please let me know!


I hope you enjoy the update!


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