Bound To College 0.6.0 is here!

The next update for “Bound to College” is finally finished, and I am super excited to share it with you.

I know many of you are super excited about the beach setting, but before we can relax, a meeting with the headmaster ist overdue.

The next update will give you a wholly changed experience with him. The player now has the option to endure and actively embrace the headmaster’s attempts at his home. I will not change the first encounter in his office because I think he must always give the player the same first impression – since this is how he presents himself to you.

However, when you meet him for the second time at his home, you can change your mindset entirely and enjoy the encounter with him.

For everyone who does not want to start from such an early point in the game again, I made it so that you can still “embrace” the headmaster when you meet him again. So you don’t have to start a new game to get there.

In this update, you will have the chance to go with Ron to the headmaster’s home, where he will have the opportunity to dress up in the maiden dress I teased a while ago.

Or you can go with Julian and meet the headmaster in the office. 

You might even discover his secret room…

Which scenario is available to you is based on your previous decisions.

I had to make some changes to the progression system. The old savegames SHOULD convert the variables by loading an older savegame. It might be possible that I will not be able to “repair” old savegames, so you would have to start a new game.

If you have any issues with your old save games, please leave a bug report on the Discord server.

As usual, this update will be available for Patreons first. I plan to release it to the public around 15th of December – assuming no major or game-breaking issues occur. 

I hope you enjoy this update.



Progression system:

The game progression had to get a complete overhaul to add the choices to the headmaster’s early encounter at his home. The old savegame SHOULD convert automatically to the new parameters on the first load. Fingers crossed! 

If you encounter any issues, please try to delete all *.rpyc files.

Bugfixing Ron Home:

Menu item for cross: “Whatever”

Add the option to “not care” when Ron asks about his necklace.

Ned journey:

Bugfixing dead end for bullying Ned

Admin bio:

The administrator will now remember your decision to confront, ignore, or agree to his insult

Headmaster Bio:

Bugfixing an issue in which the headmaster does not remember correctly the state of the wrestling tournament

Headmaster Class:

Added voice lines


Jupiter’s avatar now shown after meeting him at the class.


Fixing a bug in which Ned incorrectly stated that MC loved him


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