🌟 New Update Alert for “Bound to College” 🌟

Version 0.6.9 – Ron for the Rescue!Β 

Hello, fellow adventurers! I’m excited to share the latest chapter in the “Bound to College” journey. The new update, titled “Ron for the Rescue”, introduces a thrilling storyline where choices lead to one of three unique rescue scenarios in the gym. Your path can significantly diverge, depending on the bonds you’ve built and the decisions you’ve made.

What’s Inside?

  • Fresh Chapter with Ron: Experience an all-new narrative where Ron comes to the rescue, alongside the possible paths with Nathan and Ned. Each choice you make now holds more weight than ever before!
  • New Music Tracks: Immerse yourself deeper into each scenario with new music, enhancing the atmosphere and your connection to the story.
  • Bug Fixes: Improved gameplay stability and fixed bugs for an even smoother experience navigating college life.

Unlocking Rescue Routes:

  • Ron’s Route: Achieve a relationship level above 5 with Ron, higher than with Ned, and make sure your actions at the party and afterparty reflect well on you.
  • Ned’s Route: Secure a relationship level of 3 or more with Ned, return his book in the classroom, and avoid being just friends.
  • Nathan’s Route: Nathan will come to your rescue if the conditions for Ron or Ned’s paths are not met.


  • Early Access for Patreon Supporters: A huge thank you to my Patreon supporters for making this journey possible. Your early access starts now!
  • Public Release: The full chapter will be available to all once the next chapter, “News”, is completed. The adventure continues!

This update, “Ron for the Rescue,” adds new layers of depth and choice to your “Bound to College” experience. The routes you can take are more varied and consequential, emphasizing the importance of your decisions throughout the game. Who will you choose to be your savior in the gym?

Thank you for your incredible support and enthusiasm. It means the world to this solo developer. Enjoy the new content!

Happy gaming,

Oliver @ PrideDrawing


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